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Metallic Stents

Esophageal Stent

Anti-reflux / Partially covered / Fully covered / Gastric fistula


It is used to maintain the punctuality of malignant esophageal stenosis,
or for sealing tracheoesophageal fistulas.


Intestinal Stent

Duodenal / Jejuno ileal / Pylorus / Colon / Rectum


It is used for palliative treatment of duodenal ulcer, obstruction of the large intestine or of the colon stenosis caused by malignant neoplasms as well and for alleviation prior to colectomy in patients with malignancies tightness.


Billiary Stent

It is used to relieve malignant neoplasms of the bile tree.


Pancreatic Stent

It is used to drain pancreatic pseudocysts.

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