Wire Guides

It is used to help in the catheterization biliary and pancreatic duct to gain access through difficult strictures during of the ERCP.
To facilitate exchange of compatible wire guided accessories to the desired biliary or pancreatic ducts.

ERCP Catheter

ERCP catheter with a translucent teflon sheath for 0.035 "guide wire, 200cm long, with built-in 100cm metal stud, a strongly radiant straight or bent edge of a specialist design for direct and unintentional catheterization, calibrated rea markers per 5cm in the catheterization section.


It is used for its endoscopic catheterization of the bile duct and sphincterotomy.

Extraction Balloon

It is used for endoscopic removal of gallstones.

Extraction Basket

It is used for endoscopic removal of gallstones and foreign bodies.

Billiary Dilator

It is used to dilate the papillary mouth, the bile constrictions or stenosis of the pancreas.

Billiary Cytology Brush

Used to collect cells.

Billiary Plastic Stent System

It is used to drainage and block the bile ducts.

EUS Needle

It is used with an ultrasound endoscope for unsorted biopsy with fine FNA needle for diagnosis at gastrointestinal lesion stage, submucosal lesions, mesothorax, lymph nodes and lymph nodes intraperitoneal masses.
The edge provides a sample using ultrasonic technology for guide the needle.


Cystotome for pancreatic electrosurgical puncture disposable pseudo-cysts, capable of receiving a driver wire 0.035".

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