Biopsy Forceps

Used to obtain endoscopic biopsy or for the recovery of foreign body.


It is used for the recovery of foreign bodies.


It is used with an electrosurgical unit for endoscopic polypectomy.


Roth net basket

Used to retrieve foreign bodies and polyps.

Cytology Brush

Used to collect cells.

Bougie Dilator

It is used to dilate stenosis of the esophagus over a wire guide.

Balloon Dilator

It is used to dilate endoscopically stenosis at the gastrointestinal tract including esophagus, pylorus, duodenum and colon.


Metallic Guide Wire

It is used to help the insertion of the dilators to esophagus and for the esophageal metallic stents.

Spray Catheter

Used for spray painting.

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