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PULL-type Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy
(PEG) feeding tube placement kits:


*** Ειδικές τιμές για επαγγελματίες υγείας, φαρμακεία και μεγάλες ποσότητες.

PEG SET Full Kit

    1pc Traction Removable PULL PEG Tube
    1pc 5 Fr Retrieval Snare (1.8mm x 260cm)
    1pc Feeding Adapter
    1pc Feeding Adapter with Luer lock
    1pc Retention Ring
    1pc 25Ga Needle
    1pc 19Ga Needle
    1pc Povidone Iodine Swabstick Packet
    1pc Povidone Iodine Ointment
    1pc Fenestrated Drape with Adhesive
    1pc Stainless Steel Scissors
    1pc Stainless Steel Hemostat
    1pc Tubing Clamp
    1pc Water Soluble Lubricant
    4pcs 10 ×10 Gauze Sponges
    2pcs 5 × 5 Slit Gauze Sponges
    1pc Placement Wire (0.6mm×260cm)
    1pc 10ml Syringe
    1pc Disposable Scalpel with #11 Blade
    1pc Introducer Needle
    1pc Fenestrated Drape
    1pc Directions for Use

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